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I believe that CRITICAL THINKING EDUCATION is an important PUBLIC GOOD within liberal democratic societies. We all benefit, as individuals and as a society, when everyone has access to resources and opportunities to develop their critical thinking and communication skills.

To that end, I've adopted a "
Pay What You Want" model to help support the development of this site.

Here’s what you get when you become a supporter of the Argument Ninja Dojo, at ANY of the support levels listed (starting as low as $3/month):

(1) Access to all of the content in the VIDEO LIBRARY (over 25 hours of content!).  Here are the course titles:
  • Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It’s Important
  • How the Mind Works: Biases in Human Reasoning
  • Principles of Argument Analysis: What is a Good Argument?
  • The Nature of Science and Scientific Reasoning
  • Tribalism, Polarization and Critical Thinking
  • Reasoning About Chance and Uncertainty: Philosophy, Rules and Fallacies
  • Argumentative Essay Writing: Principles, Tools and Examples
  • Special Topic: Critical Thinking About Conspiracies
(2) Access to all of the content in the ARTICLE LIBRARY
  • text articles with supporting graphics, based on podcast and video content (ongoing development)
  • over 200,000 words available already
(3) Access to the AUDIO LIBRARY
  • audio podcast versions of the video courses, accessible through private RSS links
(4) Access to the closed Argument Ninja Dojo FACEBOOK GROUP for community discussions
  • note: we will likely be adding other community platforms along the way
(5) Access to the monthly community VIDEO CHAT with Kevin deLaplante
  • video chat via Zoom
  • access to archived video recordings
  • starting Fall 2019
(6) Access to MEMBERS-ONLY posts and communications

(7) Access to development updates of five new Argument Ninja Training Program courses:
  • The Argument Ninja Way: Critical Thinking as a Martial Art
  • The Way of Reason: How to Build a Good Argument
  • The Way of Knowledge: How to Know What You're Talking About
  • The Way of Communication: How to be Understood
  • The Way of Persuasion: How to Become More Influential

That's a LOT!!

Click the "Choose Your Support Level" button below to select among the following pledge levels and become an Argument Ninja Dojo supporter. 

  • Level I - Bronze ($3/month)
  • Level II - Silver ($5/month)
  • Level III - Gold ($10/month)
  • Level IV - Platinum ($20/month)
  • Level V - Philanthropist ($50/month)
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