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Video Library

This bundle of courses is included in the Level I Argument Ninja Dojo membership. It includes all the video courses previously available at the Critical Thinker Academy.
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What's included?

(1) Video Library > 1. Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It's Important

Learn why critical thinking skills are important and why they can be so difficult to obtain.

(1) Video Library > 2. Principles of Argument Analysis: What is a Good Argument?

What's the difference between a good argument and a bad argument? Learn the foundational principles of logic and argument analysis. 

(1) Video Library > 3. How the Mind Works: Biases in Human Reasoning

Learn about cognitive biases and the psychology of persuasion, and how to use this knowledge to be a more effective critical thinker.

(1) Video Library > 4. Tribalism, Polarization and Critical Thinking

Learn how human "groupishness" is both our greatest gift and weakness. Explore how our group identities shape our perception of the world. 

(1) Video Library > 5. The Nature of Science and Scientific Reasoning

Learn how philosophers and historians of science think about the nature of science and scientific reasoning. 

(1) Video Library > 6. Argumentative Essay Writing: Principles, Tools and Examples

Learn how to write a good argumentative essay, plus many practical tips for becoming a better writer and communicator.

(1) Video Library > 7. Reasoning About Chance and Uncertainty: Philosophy, Rules and Fallacies

People are prone to errors in reasoning about probability. Learn how to think more critically about chance and uncertainty. 

(1) Video Library > 8. Special Topic: Critical Thinking About Conspiracies

A special topic: how should a critical thinker approach the topic of conspiracies and conspiracy theories?

(1) Video Library > 9. Special Topic: Is Your Brain a Computer?

This video series discusses philosophical motivations for the computational theory of the mind.